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It’s not easy to walk up to a complete stranger, camera in hand, and ask to take a photo. At the beginning, it felt awkward… and scary. But, most of the time, a simple hello and a smile meets another genuine smile. Usually people agree to photos, and we start chatting. Sometimes it’s a no, and we still chat. I am learning so much about people in my own city, on my travels, and (most surprisingly) about myself.


"I'm from Puerto Rico. I've been in Korea, Vietnam, Kenya, all over. The best place... is the world. The whole world!"

"I'm a designer. I think every kid dreams of being creative, doing art. Yeah, I'm lucky to do something I love and make a living from it."

"I'm a programmer. I just kind of found it. If I had to do something else... I don't know. Don't know what I'd do."

"I lived in Italy and now Boston. Can you take a picture on my phone, too?"

"I'm an electrician. I've been doing it for two months now. I was unemployed, and my friend did it, so here I am. Yeah, I'm happy."

"I'm an auto mechanic. Back then, you could take ballet or go auto mechanic... I went auto. But, you know, I do work on my own car, and I save a fortune. You know it."

"Right now we're working on our adoption application. The home study is finished, and we're putting together our profile. Then it's a matter of waiting to be chosen. It's a really long process, but we color-code all the paperwork and take it one day at a time."

"He has some strong opinions. Before, he hated wearing shoes. Now he's all about them." (Columbus, Ohio)

"Oh it's a great chair. I try not to sit in it too long, you know? I might not be able to get out."