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"My last big decision? To work for the City." "Do you like it?" "Yes, ma'am, I do."

"Advice for college students? I'd say... enjoy it. It'll fly by."

"We're college roommates, and we're actually on a road trip from Colorado. My brother lives in town, so we stopped in Cincinnati. I'm actually from Pennsylvania, and we're going there. We figured, why not drive?" [...]

"At almost age 50, I decided to do it... I'm going back to school. It was embarrassing, and I always asked myself, 'Why couldn't you just make it happen earlier?' But, I'm... I'm going to do it. I [...]

"He didn't want to move here at first. I have a scholarship, but I said ok- wherever you want to be, we'll make it work. It's one year long-distance so far. We're on a time difference, so when I wake [...]

"I have yet to graduate, but I'm studying graphic design. I just love art."

"I'm going to do it from behind next. Oh no! I shouldn't say it like that! I mean, I'm going to draw the back, too. It's going to be a full profile-- pretty large, actually. I got my [...]

"I'm working on a sketch for a painting I want to do. The idea just came to me this morning."

"Big bugs dance outside."

"I'm from Puerto Rico. I've been in Korea, Vietnam, Kenya, all over. The best place... is the world. The whole world!"

"I'm a designer. I think every kid dreams of being creative, doing art. Yeah, I'm lucky to do something I love and make a living from it."

"I'm a programmer. I just kind of found it. If I had to do something else... I don't know. Don't know what I'd do."