Since 1993, the Franklin Park Conservatory has wowed families, students, and individuals from all generations with their breath-taking display of all things plants, nature, and art. It's a frequent spot for photographers, a popular wedding locale, and a relaxing place to stop and enjoy fresh air. 

But don't be fooled: it's not just a place to look around. Sure, it boasts everything from an expansive conservatory (of course) to a palm house, outdoor botanical gardens, a children's garden, and even a community garden campus. It's Chihuly glasswork art is incredible, blended perfectly with the florals around you.

These offerings mixed with easy parking alone are worth a visit, but the Franklin Park Conservatory goes above and beyond with the experience it offers. Learn to be an orchid master. Find out how to bake the perfect loaf (awesome, right?). Or get involved with their amazing arts and sciences summer camps and community outreach programs.

I was fortunate enough to visit the Franklin Park Conservatory with family on a recent visit to Columbus. It was great to return here after so many years away. I had forgotten how each room has such a different feel, transporting you almost to another world.

The Palm House is large with multiple striking pergolas nestled into forty-three different species of palms, accented by a round water feature at one end. Natural lighting make it a photographer's dream and the prized location for weddings and group events. 

The general Conservatory stretches into multiple wings of the building and includes the Himalayan Mountain, Rainforest, Desert, and Pacific Island Water biomes. These are literally different themed rooms decked out with plant life suited for specific climates. It's the perfect backdrop for a variety of shots all in one place. There is also the Dorothy M. Davis Showhouse (which features a cycle of gorgeous floral displays all year long) and the Grove and Zen Terrace (a rooftop garden with a variety of art pieces, a vertical fountain, bonsai, and more). 

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